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Colin Quinn, Nick Di Paolo & Bert Kreischer

Colin Quinn & Nick Di Paolo with Bert Kreischer

Colin Quinn & Nick Di Paolo Make Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches: Something’s Burning. Another bertcast episode with Bert Kreischer. Colin Quinn & Nick Di Paolo Make Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches:…

Collin Quinn & Jim Norton

Colin Quinn vs Jim Norton (Opie & Anthony)

The best arguments between two good friends. Colin Quinn vs Jim Norton, best of Opie and Anthony appearances, compilation.

Chip Chipperson

Chip Chipperson Live Special (Episode 25)

Podcasts Chip Chipperson One million downloads, 10 billion laffs is the title of Chip Chipperson’s first live special…. a total home run chippah!! Colin Quinn, Anthony Cumia, Bob…

Colin Quinn & Jeffrey Gurian

Colin Quinn & Jeffrey Gurian in studio

Ron & Fez Comedians Colin Quinn and Jeffrey Gurian stop by Ron & Fez with Ron Bennington. Ron & Fez 2004 Jeffrey Gurian hates small talk Colin Quinn…

Opie and Anthony Thanksgiving Special

Opie And Anthony Thanksgiving Special Hosted By Chip Chipperson

Radio Shows The best of Opie & Anthony 8+ HOURS of audio A very Chipperson Thanksgiving The great Chip Chipperson reunites Opie and Anthony (At least for this…

Opie and Anthony show

The Opie & Anthony Show: Scorch’s PFG TV (2010)

The Opie & Anthony Show “Any comments, anybody, no?!” Compilation All of the Scorch’s PFG-TV segments from 2010 in order. Sam brings news of Scorch’s unbelievable success with…