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There’s no preparation for anything I’m about to say.. .and you are waiting?

Audience members want to start with “gay slurs”. Wtf ?

Gay slurs are like any other slur, just let it slide.

I don’t think you should ever be violent with a woman, unless she is really into that.

There are girls who want you to choke them, and they will tell you, they will grab your hand.

Uhhmm, I”m not sure if I wanna connect this with sex. You get a weird choke fetish man, accidentally.

Don’t get involved in one of those relationships… hitting each other, choking..

What happened to Malaysian Airlines?

Joe Rogan talks about mushrooms.

We are supposed to worry about everything now. We have too much information coming in. Twenty years ago we didn’t have sht coming in, all you had was the news in your town and national events. Now we are swamped.

If information was like water…

I don’t got time to care. We live we die. Sorry.

That is an attitude you get once you’ve done a bunch of mushrroms.

Tehre might be osomething more to this.

That’s why it is illegal.

It is illegal because you are not suppose to run around thinking there might be something more than just living, just existing.

Driving in your car driving to work, doing the same thing everyday. Getting into a pattern, sucking out the passion out of everything you do.

Staring at this artificial lights everyday, your eyes start failing and you are wearing this big fake lenses over them.

Your body is going bad, your posture. You are not supposed to be sitting 24 hrs that way. It is too creepy.. that is why mushrooms are illegal.

You can’t have that job if you do mushrooms. You show up to that job and go.. Wait, WTF are we doing?

WTF are we doing man? We are slaves! You don’t need a bigger house dude, you don’t. Relax.

You are sucked into a fcking machine

Marshall McLuhan said humans are the sex organs of the machine world.

Video by Cult Comedy