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Bill Burr

Bill Burr on The Monday Morning Podcast, August 14, 2017

Comedian Bill Burr on another episode of his podcast.

On this episode, Bill talks about his buddy Paul Virsi and their last two shows, shooting a special.

He talks a little on the horrible events at Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bill Burr:

That dude in that fuck*ng car… to f*ckn drive and just do that.

… and Trump, I’m done with that guy… he is not funny or anything. The fact that he wouldn’t straight denounce it.. “hatred on both sides”

He¡s been catering for that racist fan base… it’s sickening.

I’m not one of these guys who thought the sky was falling because this guy was getting into office, but I will just say, his track record on the Klan… to not be commenting on it.

Bill Burrs Morning Monday podcast

You know, if I was doing standup and and all of the sudden the Klan started showing up, I would be looking.. wtf am I saying that is making these people be like “Oh yea, this guy approves of what we do”

Taylor Swift now is going to run for Senate… People, we can’t go down this fckn road. Can we at least stay with career politicians? Do you want a comedian to be your accountant? Why would you want an actor or singer…

Boo nazis, Boo Donald Trump… I’m so sick of him and that guy from North Korea acting like they’re tough guys. You know, they should fight the fckn undercard on the McGregor Mayweather… you know, why don’t you both settle your fckn beef? It will be funnier than all the standup specials that have come out this year.

The Red Sox and baseball, losing chargers, buying and renting luxury apartments, having a great time at the Jersey Shore doing standup, having a tomato pie at “Junior’s” (A South Jersey-Philly thing),  drinking problems, etc… as well as giving advice to listeners.

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