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Anthony Cumia

Jim and Sam Show

Are you SIRIUS?

Anthony is back! Anthony Cumia from Opie & Anthony returns to Sirius XM and hangs out with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts.

Another legend, Artie Lange also joins in.

Anthony Cumia & Artie Lange at Jim & Sam Show, video version.

People on youtube has been calling it the latest “Nopie” show.

Anthony Cumia now has his own network (Compound Media) and his own show (The Anthony Cumia Show) after being fired from the Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius XM.

On this historic appearance he makes an announcement, mentioning he now has a signed contract from a new co-host, and will announce it in August.

The question now is, who would it be?

Jim Norton & Anthony Cumia

Jim Norton & Anthony Cumia

Our prediction is between these two: Artie Lange or Jim Norton.
The Artie & Anthony show, or the Jim and Anthony show.
Or maybe neither.
What do you think?

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