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Funny Burger Puns

A Guy Named Burger Calls O&A

Satellite Radio The Opie & Anthony Show A guy named Burger calls The Opie & Anthony Show and deals with the “shock jocks”.. Puns ensued.

Everyone hates Opie

Opie asks everybody if they like him

Everyone hates Opie Opie & Anthony A lot of radio guys hate me Old clip from O&A where Opie feels that everyone hates him. Anthony do you like…

Opie and Anthony show

The Opie & Anthony Show: Scorch’s PFG TV (2010)

The Opie & Anthony Show “Any comments, anybody, no?!” Compilation All of the Scorch’s PFG-TV segments from 2010 in order. Sam brings news of Scorch’s unbelievable success with…