Category: Standup

Gary Delaney

Gary Delaney at The Apollo

Standup British comedian Gary Delaney Live at The Apollo A night of plenty of one liners at The Apollo Theater. I’ll tell you what always catches my eye……

Theo Von

Theo Von Standup Set on Mushrooms

Standup Comedian Theo Von does a 30 minute standup set at the Improv. Opens up mentioning he is high on shrooms. Topics include: Voting for Trump, the gays,…

Nick Cannon Showtime special

Nick Cannon’s horrible standup special (2017)

Nick Cannon Standup Special Ex Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon full Showtime special: “Standup, don’t shoot me”. In summary: Dude’s trying to hard. Unfunny, not a natural comedian….

Heckler vs Comedian

Heckler (woman) dumps water and throws glass at comedian

Heckler vs Comedian Full video Angry “femenist heckler” throws glass at comedian Luke Capasso during a comedy show. He was a good sport about it.

Bill Burr

Bill Burr – Im sorry you feel that way (2014 Standup Special)

Standup Comedy Specials Bill Burr Hilarious standup comedy special by the great comedian Bill Burr performs his 1 hour & 45 minute long special in Atlanta Georgia, 2014…

Eliot Change comedian

Comedian Eliot Chang vs Heckler (Bachelorette)

Standup Scottsdale Nothing more annoying for a standup comic than a heckler interrupting a set. Just like this broad at the front row. A drunk girl on her…

Patrice ONeal

Patrice O’Neal Rare Unreleased Standup Set

The greatest Patrice O’Neal cautivates, insults and kills for an hour-long. Appare Uploaded on youtube in January y2016 and titled: Patrice O’Neal Best Standup Comedy Ever 2013 Unreleased…