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Funny Burger Puns

A Guy Named Burger Calls O&A

Satellite Radio The Opie & Anthony Show A guy named Burger calls The Opie & Anthony Show and deals with the “shock jocks”.. Puns ensued.

Bennington Thanksgiving 2017

A Bennington Thanksgiving 2017

Radio Comedians The Radio Newlyweds, a Thanksgiving game show put together by The Bennington Show. The Bennington Show features Ron Bennington and daughter Gail Bennington, along with producer…

Opie Pop Up

Opie “Pop up” with Carl and Ron the Waiter

Facebook Live Opie and Carl have another “Pop up” at a restaurant and get constantly interrupted by a waiter. Here’s an edit from Opie’s Youtube channel featuring Ron…

Patrice O Neal calls radio shoq

Patrice calls Nick and Colin

Radio A 17 minute audio of Patrice O’Neal, Colin Quinn and Nick Di Paolo from back in  2005. Patrice O’Neal calls Colin and Nick on their pilot radio…

Bobo Kurlan on Opie & Anthony

Bobo “The Fugitive” on Opie & Anthony

Radio The Opie & Anthony Show Opie & Anthony feature The Fugitive. Daniel Kurlan, Bobo Kurlan… best known as just Bobo,  calls The Opie & Anthony Show as…

Chip vs Nick

Chip Army declares war on Nick Di Paolo

Radio War Chip Chipperson The Chip Army, followers of radio legend and podcast legend Chip Chipperson.

Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried’s real voice on The Howard Stern Show

Comedians Gilbert Gottfried Gilbert Gottfried’s real voice on The Howard Stern Show. We all know that comedian Gilbert Gottfried has a very peculiar voice. It has even been…

Everyone hates Opie

Opie asks everybody if they like him

Everyone hates Opie Opie & Anthony A lot of radio guys hate me Old clip from O&A where Opie feels that everyone hates him. Anthony do you like…

Colin Quinn & Jeffrey Gurian

Colin Quinn & Jeffrey Gurian in studio

Ron & Fez Comedians Colin Quinn and Jeffrey Gurian stop by Ron & Fez with Ron Bennington. Ron & Fez 2004 Jeffrey Gurian hates small talk Colin Quinn…

Jim and Sam Show at Just for Laughs

Jim and Sam – Comedians live at Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

Just for Laughs Jim and Sam Show Jim Norton and Sam Roberts broadcasting live from Montreal, Quebec. Comedians join in to chat. Ryan Hamilton, Dave Attell, Tom Pappa…